The Must Read Book List

Without Warning: Oliver Sudden

And the Other People: Allan Sundry

You're So Sweet: Mable Syrup

Prevent Drowning: Buddy System

Mineralogy for Giants: Chris Tall

Why Cars Stop: M.T. Tank

When's The Revolution?: Millie Tant

Tight Situation: Leah Tard

How to Buy Old Furniture: Ann Teak

Tyrant of the Potatoes: Dick Tater

The World's Best Recipes: Gus Tatorial

Solving Crimes: D. Tective

I Wuz Framed!: Gil Tee

Trial Law: Tess Temoni

Animal Illnesses: Ann Thrax

What's Your Invention?: Pat Tent

All Alone: Saul E. Terry

I Hit the Wall: Isadore There

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