SACRAMENTO, CA - Democrats, who control all three branches of the California State Government, today proposed legislation that would tax rainfall. State Senator Homer Sackworth told BNN, "We have found that homeowners in the middle and upper classes receive an unfair break on their water bills during the rainy season. During that time their water bill can go down by as much as 70% because their yards are being watered by the rain. People who live in the lower classes, who rent, don't get this same break. Their water bill stays the same throughout the year."

In order to make things fair for people in all socio-economic levels the Democrats have devised a system that would tax rainfall for home owners in the middle and upper classes. The tax would be determined by measuring a homeowners yard size and multiplying that number by the number of inches of rain fall each season. The tax would then be tacked onto water bills.

Found posted at BNN (Bogus News Network) The Nation's Second Leading Source for Misinformation.

BNN Disclaimer: This story is totally false not one shred of it is true! It was created for entertainment purposes ONLY. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental.

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