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F(el)ine Arts

Does your cat become restless and wild? Is he or she a menace to society?
In the F(el)ine Arts, your cat becomes constructive- not destructive.

The need to feel needed is intrinsic, not just to people, but to pets as well. They want to be noticed, to do something. If they have nothing constructive to do, they may very well turn to a life of crime on the streets. Pulling down a "beware of dog" sign may be the least of their acts if you don't give them something to occupy their time and energy.

Creative cats get a kick out of the F(el)ine Arts, and are usually eager to show off their new-found skills at all opportunities- especially if they can show up another pet in a pumpkin-carving competition. Your frisky feline can become an artist.

Classes vary depending on the exact subject; please call for current arts, times, and prices.

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How to Make Friends
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