Well, here you have it. A silly little slot machine that only took me far too long to make. I stored earrings in it. When you turn the handle enough, it tells you that you've won, and the earrings (or whatever else is inside) fall out. I get these strange bursts where I just /have/ to do something a little bit different.

Here's the designs I printed out on paper. The paper then was wrapped around a cardboard tube, forming the most important part of the slot machine. There are the three rows, and then there's where I cut out part of the tube to put the "winnings" into and for them to fall out of. It's situated so that when the introductory message is displayed, the hole is on top; when the winning message is displayed, the hole is on the bottom.

Here's the slot machine as a whole. You can see the window where the messages are displayed, the paper-clip handle to turn the tube, and then the part where the earrings fall down onto the nice shiny aluminum foil.

The window, with the winning message displayed.

Christmas Card 2003