Tribute to My "Sis"

We first met online some years ago, and have been friends ever since, emailing each other almost daily. Just the other day I was lonely and thinking, "it's a shame I don't have a really good friend, someone I can talk to just about every day, someone who will really listen and talk to me." Then I realized- I do! She gives so much and asks so little. So, sis, this is just to show you that I appreciate you!

Sometimes I feel paranoid,




Or like I don't belong,

Like a lonely loser,

That I have no future,

And that the whole world is against me.

But I have you!

You cheer me up when I'm down,

Say nothing when I freak you out,

Would do almost anything for me,

Help me tell up from down,

Remind me when I'm absentminded,

And help me not to feel out of place.

Because you're special!

You don't let your size keep you from getting what you want,

You aren't afraid to be different,

You know how to relax,



Live life to the fullest,

Take risks,



And you know the important things in life.

I want to tell you how special you are!

I'll help you when you're confused,

Be there for you when you need me,

And even when you don't!

Mi amas mian karan fratinon!