Genealogy Reply Codes

HUMOR. Making the rounds are these brief codes that could be added to the subject line of a reply.

(CAAHINAATYQ) Cheap Attempt At Humor Included, Not an Answer to Your Question
(RITAI) Real intelligent, thoughtful answer included
(GIUITH) Give it up, it's too hard
(YBICI) You blew it, correction included
(GALL) Get a life, lamebrain
(DPI) Danger, pun included
(OTBIFCTST) Off topic, but I feel compelled to say this
(SCI) Spelling corrections included
(DROAPNI) Derogatory remarks of a personal nature included
(TIACATAL) This is a cheap attempt to appear literate
(AIBNTYQ) Answer included, but not to your question
(WDDHST) We don't do homework, so there
(IDRKBIAA) I don't really know, but I'll answer anyway
(DITWS) Do it this way, stupid
(WDYWTDTA) Why do you want to do that, anyway
(ASTLMIR) Answer space too large, more information required
(JPTGMNITT) Just posting to get my name in this thread
(CAOFMOB) Contains an apology for my offensive behavior
(MPAWABLOS) My previous answer was affected by lack of sleep
(ICIULRI) "I'm cool, I use Linux" remarks included
(THIAFSF) This is a request for something free
(IRTCMA) I refuse to code my answers

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