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You lucky people! For the Fourth of July, I've decided to do some major updating. For me, that means a few new pages and I changed the Miscellaneous Jokes page- I moved some of the jokes to the Tax and Law Jokes and Religious Jokes pages, as well as adding a few new ones. Soon, maybe I'll add a guestbook.

The Darwin Awards.

Restaurants like Microsoft

Wife 1.0 upgrade problems

Bumper Stickers

Y-to-K report

Top 20 signs you're an internet addict

Lawyer laughs

Odd trivia

Dumb people anecdotes

Junior Proverbs

Bear Alert!!!


The substitute

Doggy Definitions

The joys of womanhood

A hard test


Lines from actual resumes

Be careful what you wish for

Expressions that don't make sense

A Cat's Guide to Humans


Pirate ships!

Must reads

Jesus in 1999

Let her go

The brilliantly challenged

Wisdom from senior citizens

Ten steps to being handy around the house.

You know you're from California when...

Signs that you have a cheap HMO

Tech support

Weighty stuff

Rabbit collector

You know it's a "no frills" airline when...

Actual epitaphs

Report on God by a third-grader


And you think you're computer illiterate?

Nepalese good luck tantra totem

The truth about car ads

What if Dr. Seuss Wrote Technical Manuals for Computers?

Real Moms

Worker Found Dead 5 Days

Classy Classifieds

Genealogy Humor

Arkansas Motorcycle

Michigan/World Temps

New Element

A Little Boy's Flight

Tax and Law Jokes

Genealogy reply codes

If America Online was a city...

Application for Arkansas Drivers license

His and Her ATMs

How to talk about men and still be politically correct

Drunken Irishmen

Badtimes virus warning

20 Deep thoughts

Aviation 101

Bad Bird

Things moms would never say

The Human Race is Doomed

McDonnell Douglas Registration

Kentucky Humor

An Honest Answer

Unskilled labor

Truths about parenting

Democrats tax rain!

Actual classifieds

You know you're from Michigan when...

Miracle cat diet

The first little pig

The mermaid

Kitchen humor


The new ten commandments

Trash day

Useful work phrases

Bill Gates in purgatory

Dog Haiku

Airplane humor

I'm not old... just mature

Interviewer's Humor

How to make your beef taste like venison!

State mottos

Life in the 1500's

My prayer

Short stories of the truly moronic

Heavenly humor


Country church

Dividing them up

Daffy Definitions

Paddy and Saddam

The Purchase

Microsoft's Car Fix

A Quiz

40 Things a Southerner Would Never Say

World's Thinnest Books

You Know You've had too much of the 90's When...


Facts About Santa Claus

The computer hillbilles

Ever experience this?

Is this your cat?

It must be stress

This is a good hard riddle.

Buying Paint


The Wizard of Oz

Redneck hunters


3 irishmen

Murphy's laws for parents

Kid talk

Kid prayers

Sunday stuff

Jewish sunday school humor

Virus warning

One question too far

What I've learned

Miscellaneous jokes


The Man of Three Beers

Dilbert's words of wisdom

A scene from Las Vegas


Dear Abby,

More quotes

Having some really bad luck

Raising hogs (not)

Hollywood yes men

Blonde rides an airplane


Who is the mightiest?

Texan and Okie three wishes joke

Things learned from children

A blonde jigsaw joke

Getting older: an attempt at humor

Jewish Humor

Talking frog

Comprehending engineers

Why parents go gray

Email and tomatoes

What, no school?

All Connected

More Jokes

Redneck Jokes

Religious Jokes

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