There was this minister that very troubled. He was going to have to announce to his congregation that they were short $4,000 on the roof project and that they were going to have to come up with the money.

It came Sunday morning and he was troubled and to add to his troubled feelings, he found out just before the service was to start that his regular organist was sick and the substitute organist was sitting in.

The substitute asked the pastor what he wanted her to play and he told her that he was going to make this announcement and he wanted her to pick out some music to play right after he made the announcement.

The service started and it came that time. The minister got up and told the people that they were $4,000 dollars short to complete the roof project and wanted everyone that was willing to contribute 100 dollars to please stand up. At that time the organist began to play The Star Spangled Banner. That is how the substitute organist became the regular organist.

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