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How to Make Friends and Influence Pets

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Welcome to the Kitten Kourtyard!

Kitten Kourtyard is a school for your feline companion to improve him or herself. Rather than making an obedience school for cats (a truly hopeless task), we have founded courses that will actually please your cat companion and make your life easier.

The Kitten Kourtyard is located on Main Street in Nowhere, Michigan, right between Herbie's Pet Emporium and the Nowhere Aquarium.

To find out when a class will be available, call (123)444-5555.

Our mailing address is:

Kitten Kourtyard
999 Main Street
Nowhere, MI 49876

For pricing and other information on our classes, look through the product catalog links to the left, or click on one of the links below:

Self Defense

Mouse Mickey:
Dealing with Difficult Rodents

How to Make Friends
and Influence Pets

F(el)ine Arts:
Be Constructive, not Destructive