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How to Make Friends and Influence Pets

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Are the rodents infesting your home too smart to get rid of easily?
Use a Mouse Mickey to get them out of your house.

Many American homes have mice or other rodents in their homes, frequently without the owners even being aware of it. Cats may be the natural predators of mice, but some mice are just too smart; they find ways to get around plugs, survive poison, and escape traps. Use a Mouse Mickey on these supermice.

A Mouse Mickey is made to resemble a miniature TV set. The LCD screen displays patterns to lure and hypnotize intelligent rodents so that they are open to suggestion. With the proper training, a cat can convince the pest to take up a new career- such as starting a band. Because the mouse is happy in his new line of work, whatever it may be, and does not want to come back, you will be rid of the rodent for good.

The pricing is as follows:
Mouse Mickey $30
2-hour training course $10
Both together $25

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How to Make Friends
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